Are there any hidden fees?

No, because here they are…

Domain Name Registration: If you don’t already have a domain name, you’ll need to register one for your business name.

NEVER let a web design, website hosting, or online marketing firm register your domain for you. That’s a valuable asset and you need to make sure it’s registered to you. (Or, if you do let someone take of it for you, make sure you ask them beforehand to supply you with all the registration documentation once they’ve done it.)

Domains typically cost about $10-20 per year.

Website Hosting: You need somewhere to “put” your website. The basic charge for this service is usually around $20-30 per month, more if you have a large ecommerce store, upload a lot of video/music/photos, create a huge number of pages, generate a squillion visitors a month, etc.

I can organise hosting for a small monthly fee or you can organise it separately.

Webmaster: You’ll need someone to keep an eye on your site and make sure everything is always up-to-date. For most small business owners this is a casual job for a web-savvy university student. (If you’re wondering why I don’t do it, please read this Frequently Asked Question.) I am very happy to help you find a webmaster at a reasonable price.

Custom Design: You can choose a website design from my website gallery at no additional charge. If you can’t find anything there… or you want to customise one of those designs… or you want a completely bespoke design, extra fees will – naturally – apply. Depending on what you want, this could range from $50 to hundreds. Nothing to worry about; we can discuss your needs.

Custom Website Functionality: There are all kinds of cool things you can do in addition to the basic set-up. Ask me about this. These kinds of customisations are charged at my regular hourly rate.

Images: The images you see in the design gallery are NOT licensed for distribution; they’re examples only. This means you will need to provide your own images. Depending on the design you choose and the nature of your business, this could be anywhere from $20 or $30 to several hundred. We can discuss this. Almost all of the images on this site, for example, were sourced – legally – for free. The only cost was my time (which I would have spent browsing stock image libraries anyway!)

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