Fixing a Website that Sucks

Like the famous AA affirmation, you have to acknowledge you have a problem before you can start addressing that problem.

Some people become too “attached” to their website simply because their nephew built it, or they’re good friends with the owner of the graphic design company, or simply because they’ve been looking at it for so long that they’ve fallen in love with it “just the way it is”.

But let’s face facts

Having a web presence – for the overwhelming majority of enterprises – is no longer optional. Okay… local fish’n'chip shop? Proabably not. Tobacconist? Don’t think so. Newsagency? Nah, I doubt it. So, it’s certainly not for everyone.

But if you’ve got a website, you know already you need one. Maybe you just don’t know how to get it to work for your business. Take heart, though, because at least you’ve got a website!

Some business owners who really should are still hee-ing and haw-ing about whether to jump in or not. Those people are probably going to be left behind, struggling to bring new business in the door and wondering why.

Look at the numbers

The issue for you, however, is that you need to be tough. Look at the numbers: Has your website brought in a satisfactory amount of business in the last 12 months? Have you recouped your money?

For most people, happily, the answer will be “Yes” because even with the worst website in creation, you’ll still get sales from time to time. Just as albino tiger cubs are born every now and again, awful websites do occasionally generate leads… and even sales!

Surely you want to do better than that?

Surely you’d like your website to be fully-integrated into your overall marketing strategy and actively working for you day and night to bring in new leads, nurture those leads, get those leads to contact you, and interact further with customers to obtain repeat business?


A god-awful website that looks as if it was built by your brother-in-law’s cousin’s cat is just not going to do that for you, is it?

So what do you do? How do you fix it?

You contact me. That’s a good first step. I’ll sit down with you and take the time to really get to know what your business is all about before we start talking about any of the solutions I can provide.

The truth is, after listening to your situation I may not be able to help you at all!

Or… I may feel that we wouldn’t be a good fit for working together. I’m not interested in trying to sell something to everyone who contacts me. I’m much more interested in developing good working relationships with business owners who see how what I do can add significantly to their bottom line.

We won’t be able to fix whatever the problem is with your website until we know what you’d like your website to achieve. Sure, we could re-skin it and make it look slick in no time, but if you don’t address how your website fits into your overall marketing plan, you’ll still have a dead duck.

It’ll look prettier. But still won’t quack.

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