Will it work for you?

To be perfectly honest, I’m hard-pressed to come up with a situation in which a business wouldn’t benefit from developing — and using — a tailored marketing plan.

However, I have no idea whether I can help you and your business until we sit down and analyse your current situation. Then compare it with your business objectives, existing marketing plan, and budget for this year.

For the gun-shy

If you’re sceptical about the value to your business of a properly-planned, fully-integrated marketing solution, I guess that’s understandable because:

(a) There are too many cowboys out there promising #1 Google rankings or “social media marketing dominantion” or the so-called “cash-injection” miracle of group-buying sites (e.g. Groupon, Living Social, etc.). Or any number of other supposedly wonder-solutions.

And, basically, many businesses are just getting ripped off. So I understand your caution.

(b) many people confuse marketing with sales or advertising, often assuming they’re all basically the same thing.

Here’s the key…

Marketing is a system (or, more accurately, a complex and interrelated set of systems). It’s not something you do once, “set’n'forget” style. Nor is it to be done piecemeal. You’ll never see effective results that way.

Of course, you don’t try and do everything at once! That’s not what I mean.

What I’m saying is… first you need to set your business goals; then you need to work out your overall marketing strategy; then make a plan; and prioritise the items; put the plan into action; then test and tweak to continually improve performance.

And that leads us to the question: Is it worth the investment?