Copywriting: Communication that Sells

How many times a week do you read an ad or brochure or flyer and you’re falling asleep by the fourth paragraph? Or, worse, you have no idea what they do and what kind of offer they’re trying to make!

Copywriting is the art of “words that sell”. It was described by one of the masters of the craft, John E. Kennedy – way back in 1904 – as “salemanship in print”.

Now, that doesn’t mean being shouty or obnoxious. It’s very important to retain your unique tone and communicate in a way that’s authentically you.

But even then, it’s no good having a website if it doesn’t make you more money, right?

The Right Words…

Here’s the important bit: The right words at the right time make a world of difference.

Make sure your website describes how you can help people in the most compelling way possible, whether that’s by landscaping their front garden to look a million bucks for a fraction of the price or lovingly producing a portfolio of baby shots they’ll cherish forever.

And clearly let your visitors know why they should do business with you versus the competition. Are you cheaper? If so, how are you able to do it without compromising quality? Are you more skilled? If so, present your case and talk about your credentials. And so on.

Mind you, it’s not just your website.

It’s All Your Communication

If you…

  • run ads in the local newspaper
  • run text ads and/or banners on other websites
  • use Google Adwords (or other PPC networks)
  • distribute flyers, pamplets or brochures
  • provide datasheets or infopacks to prospects
  • send email promotions to your clients/customers
  • write a monthly newsletter (print or email)
  • give presentations (with or without powerpoint)

… then you could improve your profits significantly simply by making sure your copy communicates in a way that leads to your preferred outcome: booking, enquiry, request for a quote, sale or purchase order, etc.



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