Email Marketing

Do you currently have an email newsletter?

It may or may not be appropriate for your kind of business. But if it is, then you have a fantastic way of not only staying “front of mind” with your customers and prospects, but building a better relationship by providing news, tips, stories, discount coupons, social media contests, etc. – basically whatever is relevant to your industry.

The Wrong Way to Do It

Unfortunately, I see a lot of small businesses on the email marketing bandwagon who treat it purely as an avenue to pitch, pitch, pitch… one new amazing offer after another. Unless you’re Groupon or Daily Deals, etc. then people do not sign up to your newsletter to just receive offers. That’s about the quickest way to piss people off and end up with a huge unsubscribe rate and (possibly) your email service provider cancelling your account!

The Right Way to Do It

On the other hand, when you do it the right way, your subscribers don’t at all mind the offers sprinkled in. Actually, people will feel – correctly – that they’re part of your “inner circle”. The ROI of setting up and managing your email marketing properly can be superb.

I can help you map out and set up your email system and manage the ongoing messages. This works best when combined with my approach to SEO so I typically offer these services as a package.



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