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There’s no avoiding it: Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on are here to stay – whether you like it or not.

Just a couple of years ago, a lot of people thought both Twitter and Facebook were some kind of fad that would die a horrible death (quickly or slowly – it depended who you talked to at the time).

Not only were those people wrong, Facebook and Twitter have given rise to hundreds of similar platforms (many of which will die a quick death). Not to mention the multitude of content sites with a community aspect.

The social internet is here to stay. Because we like it.

Facebook or Twitter or any of the others might, indeed, go the way of the dinosaur (or the way of MySpace as far as some people are concerned!), but other similar services will replace them. There is no going back to an internet dominated by a one-way flow of information (i.e. from website to reader) and little or no interaction. Gone. Dead and buried. R.I.P.

Should You Be Getting In On The Action?

Now, it’s true that social media is not everyone’s cup of tea. And it may or may not be appropriate for your business. But it’s simply no longer credible to poo-poo social media. Hundreds of thousands of businesses (maybe millions) are using social media channels to engage with their customers and potential customers very effectively.

And their profits have soared as a result.

While other sour-pusses are moaning away in a way that would make The Grumpies proud, these business owners are laughing all the way to the bank.

Need Some Help Getting In On the Action?

Currently I don’t offer full-out social media services. Sure, I know plenty of stuff about it and, yes, I can give you some general pointers, free of charge.

But, given that I don’t actively engage in many of these channels right now – and when I do, it’s only in a fairly superficial way – I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night hanging out my shingle as a “Social Media Manager” (or whatever they call the scads of 20 year olds being paid a hundred grand a year to take care of this for big companies).

I’m all for it, but there is also a range of reasons I haven’t really jumped in boots’n'all just yet. And, therefore, I’m not comfortable with offering it as a service. For everything else I offer (website building, copywriting, SEO & Analytics, PPC advertising management, email marketing, video marketing), I have extensive first-hand experience.

When my knowledge and experience of social media matches my skills in these other areas, I’ll definitely be adding to my full range of services in this growing area.

In the meantime, call or email me for some free general tips.



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