Is Your Website Actually Producing Leads and
– Most Importantly – Sales for Your Business?

Or is it a month-on-month time & money black hole, contributing little or nothing to your bottom line?

If you’re concerned that your website could be better serving your business but you’re not sure what to do about it, you’ll want to read every word on this page…

To: Local Small Business Owners
Re: Making More Money From Your Website

all dressed up nowhere to go

So you’ve dropped a couple of grand and a boatload of time on a website. Now what?

Isn’t the phone supposed to be ringing off the hook with enquiries? What’s happening here?

Is your website all dressed up with nowhere to go?

How do you know whether your website is bringing in enough sales every month to justify the time and money you put into it?

The Unfortunate Facts About Many Websites

Sadly, many small business owners just don’t know if their website is performing. It might look nice, but slick design alone won’t put money in the bank if, for example:

  • Your website is on Page 8 of Google for your Primary Keywords
    (You may as well not even have a website in this case!)
  • It’s unclear to visitors exactly what your site is about and what they should do
  • The order process or booking process is confusing
  • Visitors have to “hunt” for the information they’re looking for
    (Hint: They wont. They’ll just go to your competitor’s site)


Which of these two people do you most relate to?


“I make sure I book in for a full medical assessment with my GP at the beginning of every year. Likewise, I take my car to the mechanic every 6 months regardless of whether anything appears to be wrong. It just makes good sense to stay on top of things and make sure everything’s running as it should.”


“I know I should book a medical at least once a year, but I never seem to have the time. Besides, I feel as fit as a fiddle. Next month. Things should be less hectic then. And that red light in the car… I’m sure it’s nothing. I’ll drop it off at the mechanic just as soon as I get a minute.”

Who do you think has the more profitable business?

You Can’t Systematically Improve
What You Don’t Measure

There are four key areas you need to assess to improve the performance of your webite. If your site is struggling in any of them, you’re missing out on sales for no good reason:

1. Design & Usability

How easy or difficult is it for your customers to find what they’re looking for?

The problem with looking at your own website day after day is that you’re completely familiar with the product range, where everything is on the site, and so on. It’s easy to get “blinded” by your familiarity.

A fresh set of eyes to analyse your site – eyes that specialise in uncovering exactly the kind of problems that can lie hidden to you – could very easily result in more calls (and more ka-ching!) with just a few simple tweaks.

2. Marketing & Copywriting

Do you have all the right elements in place (and in the right place!) so that people can’t help themselves, they just have to pick up the phone or add an item to their shopping cart?

Marketing and copywriting are critical to your website’s success. If people would rather watch paint dry than read the copy on your website, let’s be honest: You’re going to struggle to get calls, bookings, and sales no matter how awesome your products and services are.

Why? Because people won’t stick around long enough to uncover your awesomeness. They’ll go somewhere else where things are easy to understand and the copy “speaks to them” in a way that makes them want to buy.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Are you appearing on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo when people search for your type of business? Or for the products you sell? Or services you offer?

If you’re not, then your competitors are. Simple as that. More than 80% of searchers in Google never look beyond the first page of results! Do you?

A comprehensive website analysis can take a look under the hood and see what’s going on with your site in this area. Is it ranking well? If not, what could be the problem? How can you improve it?

You’ll find out if there are any issues here as well as what to do about them.

4. Competitive Analysis

How are your competitors performing on the points above?

We both know business can be a brutal game of “last man standing”. Discover how your website stacks up against your competitors… plus how you can outmanoeuvre them to increase your market share.


Worth Considering

I came across the following stats recently.

They’re based on studies in the USA, but Australian business owners should pay attention.

Those yanks sure speak funny, but our buying habits are about the same.

So check this out…

• 90% of commercially-oriented local searches result in a purchase

order cakes online roseberry


• 61% of general local searches result in a purchase

patisserie roseberry

These are pretty amazing statistics. But…

What if your website fails on any of the points to the left of this box?

And if it fails on them all?

Are You Getting More Business from
Your Website than You Can Handle?

cash register

If you are, stop reading and get back to doing what you’re doing! It’s clearly working so go serve your customers and start planning your next holiday. Well done.

If not, you should consider a full Website Performance Analysis.

You’ll receive a detailed report covering:

  • The frustration level of finding information on your website
  • Whether the design is likely to be negatively impacting sales
  • If your site is “friendly” for first-time visitors
  • The impact of your existing copy. Does it make people want to buy?
  • Your calls to action: Are they compelling or yawn-inducing?
  • Where you rank in the three major search engines
  • Where your competitors rank and what you can learn from them
  • Validity and effectiveness of your sites code. Is it sinking you?

And a whole lot more besides. Plus, you’ll be pleased to know that your Website Performance Analysis is not simply a laundry-list of things to fix wit no guidance on how to do it. For every item, you’ll receive specific recommendations for your business.

And… I want to make your decision even easier by offering you this killer deal…

Three Reasons to Take Action on this Special Offer Today


There is a limit to the number of reports I can write

The truth is, I can only service a limited number of clients at any one time. So until the government gives the go-ahead for human cloning, you need to get in while there are slots available in my work schedule.


You get free help to improve your advertising ROI

Send me two pieces of your marketing material; I’ll critique them free of charge. You save $190!

Imagine improving your ads by 10% or 20%. How much money would that be worth to you next month? (And the month after that, and the month after that…)


You can fix problems and start making more money sooner

If your website it costing you sales (and it might not be; see my No-Risk Guarantee below) then how much longer can you afford to leave it that way?

The sooner you find out the current health status of your website, the sooner you can get it producing more enquiries and sales for your business.

What’s It Worth to Get Your Website Performing the Way It Should Be?

It really can’t be overstated:

If it’s hard for potential customers to find what they’re looking for…

If the copy on your site sends people to sleep instead of getting them to pick up the phone…

If your site is buried in the darkest reaches of Google’s search results…

Then your website is costing you sales. There’s no two ways about it.

If you’re losing just one $50 sale per day to your competitors, how much revenue is trickling through your fingers every year? (Let’s assume 48 weeks, Mon-Sat)

A cool $14,400!

Any one of the points above can mean you’re just burning money month after month on a website which is contributing nothing to your business.


So if your website is leaking fifty bucks a day, your investment to find out – and to find out how to fix it! – is less than 4% of the amount you’re losing every year.


As a special bonus, you’ll also get a critique of two pieces of your marketing material (value: $190). You can choose from any of the following:

  • newspaper/magazine ad
  • storefront signage
  • sandwich board
  • Adwords ads (up to five)
  • letterbox flyer
  • brochure (up to 4 pages)
  • product/service datasheet
  • whitepaper
  • online banner ad
  • outdoor banner or flag
  • radio ad
  • TV commerical
  • press release
  • email newsletter
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter profile & tweets

That’s  $735  value for just $545. You save over 25%

Plus, You Risk Absolutely Nothing

If it turns out your website is in completely ship-shape condition and you’re doing an amazing job, I’ll refund your payment in full! It just wouldn’t be right to take your money.

guarantee box

Frankly, you can’t lose. Either you find out what’s not performing and how to fix it. Or you get confirmation that you’re a champion free of charge!

The only way I suppose you could lose out is if all the currently available spots fill up.

So here’s what you need to do…


Complete the form below. All fields need to be filled out before I can start work.


Don’t worry: Your responses will be kept strictly confidential.


Sit back and relax. I’ll be in contact the same working day in most cases.


I’ll send you a Scope of Works and discuss your preferred method of payment (cash, cheque or PayPal). Please Note: Upfront-payment only. Once I’ve received the signed Work Agreement and payment, I’ll contact you to let you know your Website Performance Analysis has gone into my work schedule and when you’ll have it in your hot little hands!

We’ll also talk about the bonus ad critique: Which two pieces of sales/marketing/advertising material you’d like analysed and why you’ve chosen those ones.

To get started, simply complete the form below:

All the best and I’ll talk with you soon!


P.S. As soon as all available slots are filled, this page will be taken down and the offer closed until more space opens up again in my work schedule. So, place your order today and start optimising your website’s performance sooner rather than later.

P.P.S. Don’t forget you’ll also save $190! You get two free critiques of current advertising material. How much more money could you make this year simply by improving your ads?

P.P.P.S. If you’d like to discuss anything with me, please don’t hesitate to call: phone number



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