What do you actually need?

Firstly, you need to get past the idea that you need some super whiz-bang, tricked-out website with more controls than the Space Shuttle.

You don’t. Nor do you need to spend a fortune.

The truth is, nowadays you can get a perfectly functional website for a very reasonable fee. Gone are the bad old days of $5K for a basic website.

We need to agree, though, that websites – unlike muumuus – are not one size fits all.

So there’s never any reason to pay for more than you’ll need.

That means if all you need is a professional, one-page website that you’ll (more or less) never edit, I can do that for you in an afternoon for a couple of hundred bucks. Your business can be online this time next week! Remember those Google search results we saw before? Stop reading and send me an email.

If you need something more flexible; that’s easy to access and add to and edit…

Let’s look at that now