The Basic Small Business Website

Most small business owners don’t need a complex website in order to generate more business.

Don’t be sold on some slick bells’n'whistles solution if all you need is a few pages outlining your products or services, some photos, testimonials from satisfied clients, and a way to contact you for more information.

You just need an easy way to add, edit, and delete pages; without having to ring up your “web guy” and get stung $75+GST to change the headline on your homepage and fix a broken links on the products page… right?

For most small business owners, that’s plenty – especially if you already know how to promote your business online. (And if that’s the case, you might want a blog as well.)

The point is: It’s not some arcane art requiring you to drink a secret elixir from a silver chalice under the light of the first September moon.

Take a look through this gallery of designs (I’ll be amazed if you can’t find something you like) and then contact me. You can be up and running in a couple of weeks for less than a grand.

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